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I saw the following at a thrift shop for $3.99.

These were all old movies some with Buster Crabbe playing Billy The Kid. Buster Crabbe is best known for playing as Flash Gordon. I have no idea how good he was at Flash Gordon. Anyone know?


Billy The Kid would more then likely be considered a sociopathic killer. He killed between 8 amd 21 people including law enforcement in the back.

I recall one episode of The Brady Bunch where the youngest son was obsessed with Billy The Kid. His father tried to tell him the facts via a movie and was saddened that it edited out the bad stuff about Billy The Kid. My understanding based on reviews of this set most if not all these old movies showed the Kid as more Robin Hood then a sociopathic killer.

I never understood obsession with him. Seriously 20 old movies about him.

I had no interest in buying it. Would you? Anyone like these movies?

Also Golden Age of Westerns needs to be rewritten as “Only Real Age of Westerns”. Once the sixties hit this genre died with a few last gasps. Eastwood and TV but that ended by early 70s. Yes Eastwood made a few more like Unforgiven but that was that. Now they are rarer then well super rare. I suspect science fiction especially Star Trek killed the genre. Star Trek all series is essentially old fashioned westerns in space.

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