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Seriously Who Thought This Was A Funny Idea For A Book?

I meant to write this yesterday. The Death Wish trailer distracted me. I saw this book at a thrift shop. Seriously can we go out and NOT enter a thrift shop?

I saw this book. Its called When Cats Assassinate. I perused the book. Each page was maddening. The pictures are all photoshopped. The point of the book is cats hate dogs and since Ancient Egypt was when humans discovered the cats hatred for them.


Cats don’t come across as good either. The intro said ask any small animal and they will say cats are mean and cruel. I had cats. None went outside. A neighbors cat did she killed to eat well just the head, she was a fussy eater. We also fed her and she lived in our house during winter months then always.

The book said cats hate dogs and find them naive and stupid plus jealous that they are “man’s best friend”. I flipped quickly to the back and saw the writers used pictures of their friends dogs for the photoshopped pictures. Who would give pictures of their dogs knowing they will be photoshopped. Like a dog at the vets where it said if a cat works for the staff the dog never survives. Or a cat fixing a sign showing food but it leads to landmines.

I was disgusted at this. Violence against animals is never funny. I don’t care if its a cat or badger doing the violence. Although its probably a good idea that cats don’t get guns along with people. I suspect my cats would have destroyed window glass shooting at any bird that came in range then ask us to bring the bird in for their snack.


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