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Setting up to fail (UPDATED)

Got handed a project at the last minute. One I haven't touched for over a year and has changed significantly since someone else took it over. The project head isn't here today. My co-workers sent the service person to see me about getting it fixed.

"Oh don't be shy."

"She knows all about it and programmed the whole thing."

Me "Umm no I didn't..." I get cut off.

And then they proceeded to try to explain how this problem was entirely my fault even though, I have only added three lines of code to make sure the machine would stop safely instead of self destructing. (admittedly my co-workers think programming is magic, and that I've witched the machine with my lady brain.) I try to explain what is going on and two of my co-workers interrupt me to explain the same thing, again, as though I was lying about it. Immediately the service guy looks at a single line of my code, and asks


"What is this shit?" As though my line was ruining the machine.

"This is the shit that stopping the machine from destroying itself."

He gets confused and argues with me. I explain again the problem.

Another error unrelated error occurs and he explains to me how I must have misunderstood the problem.

And I explain that this is a different error and I again explain the one we are looking for.

I even put up the screen to show the number we are looking for.

He doesn't understand.

He asks me to leave because it's too hard for him to think while I am there.

My boss is gonna be pissed at me for being sent away.

UPDATE: IT WAS A MECHANICAL ERROR! Yup, all the qualified people didn't bother to check the mechanism and instead blamed it on the program because computers are witchcraft!


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