Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've heard from so many different people about post-op care, but I'm interested in finding out what comes first.

1) I'm not sure whether I need them out in the first place. The last dentist I visited a few months ago was horrified that they were still in, but my previous dentists were monitoring them and said they didn't look like they needed to be removed. Obviously, you can't help me with this decision, but do you think it would help to visit another dentist and ask for a second opinion before going to the oral surgeon? Or should the oral surgeon be doing the consult anyway?


2) So, I guess I should be asking the oral surgeon about this, but if it's necessary to get my wisdom teeth extracted, the easiest way home for me is the bus. Is this a spectacularly bad idea? Should I get a friend to accompany me on the bus?


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