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Settling in...

Took my mom to the Indy airport yesterday morning (had to leave by 4 to get there at 5 so my mom could have time to get through security and relax before her flight). Ugh driving in the dark in a new place is not fun. Thank God for GPS.

Today I made a few new friends 'cause I had my first orientation. I'm slowly feeling better about being here. I felt mostly fine, but kind of weird living on my own for real in another state where I only knew one person. It's so quiet and weird but I actually slept a bit better last night (sleeping next to your mother in a full size bed while she snores is not ideal). I got invited to go salsa dancing this weekend so I'm looking forward to trying that out (I like to think I'm a fast learner).

I don't get internet in my apartment til Thursday and I'm having to entertain myself by watching movies on my computer. It's looking like I won't be getting cable at least for a while 'cause it's too expensive. Was able to get internet for 15 a month which my mom said she will pay for (yes I'm very fortunate).


Hopefully I will secure an assistantship by the end of the week or next week. It was interesting 'cause I got an e-mail from HR saying welcome and then another e-mail telling me if I'm hired I need to make appointment. I'm hoping this is a strong sign I will get hired if Thursday's lunch meeting with the person that is making the decision goes well. I don't want to jinx or get ahead of myself, but please keep me in your thoughts.

I've been missing GT and internet in general. I get almost no signal in my apartment sooooo that's been fun. Hope all is well here. :)

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