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Seven Curses On A Judge So Cruel...

For those unfamiliar with the song “Seven Curses” by *Bob Dylan they go like this:

“These be seven curses on a judge so cruel:
That one doctor will not save him
That two healers will not heal him
That three eyes will not see him

[Verse 9]
That four ears will not hear him
That five walls will not hide him
That six diggers will not bury him
And that seven deaths shall never kill him”


And so, inspired by this, let’s talk curses. More specifically, Kavanaugh curses. The mood here is dark and angry, and puppy gifs and gin only go so far sometimes. You don’t have to believe in magic or sorcery, you only have to know that your anger, frustration, hurt, etc. can be transformed, and that sometimes the best type of energy release for these situations is destroying energy. Good curses are logical, they are outcomes that make sense for the situation. Cursing Kavanaugh’s dick to fall off might feel appropriate, but a)dick diseases don’t work like that and b) the problem is not his dick, it’s his heart. Good curses are the ripening of karma, you aren’t asking for change that can’t be, you are asking for expedited consequences.

Sunday night I’m going to be practicing Hekate worship. She is the goddess of witchcraft, lost souls, and necromancy, she is the psychopomp. I plan on working with her to curse Kavanaugh. So far, here is what I have got, since he is so rigid in ways, I am cursing him to feel his heart snap in every direction that it does not bend.


I know that many of you here do not believe in this kind of thing, but I think that on a basic level most of us can agree that using powerful negative emotions as a catalyst for creativity and change(inner or outer) is a positive way of engaging with our emotions, regardless of whether you want to call it magic or not.

So let’s hear them, how would you curse him? Keep in mind I might actually use these, so tell me if you are uncomfortable with that, because I will not use curses with out consent.


Edit: I’ll be cursing Collins and Graham as well in this wrathful work.

*Please don’t turn this into about how much you like or hate Dylan’s music, or despise him as person, etc.


The song in full for those who are interested:

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