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Not even quite half done. 400 out of 880 pages.








Oh dear god I thought David Weber was bad for his long technical descriptions. Stephenson has him beat. Tom Clancy must be looking down and saying “it should be technoporn few wants it to be hardcore” The plot is paper thin. Essentially the ISS International Space Station is humans last hope for survival. So humans have two years to adapt the ISS with arklets surrounding it to contain people and food for 5k years. The Earth with oddly no explanation suddenly broke apart to 7 pieces then the pieces kept smashing into each other until there were millions then it would form a ring around Earth. The rocks would inundate the planet so it would overheat and burn the world.


A little bit of plot stopped by long technical descriptions. A little but of technical dialogue then paragraphs describing what was said. I did learn a lot so far like Earth has a tiny astroid belt and some are called Arjune astroids. The ISS is attached to one. I think just in the novel though.

I wish the book covered people on earth like the Alaskan whose daughter is on the ISS and Ivy’s fiance who is a captain of a nuclear sub. Instead novel is essentially all ISS all the time. Exception was the Dr Dubois scenes on Earth where he is in the middle of it. Oh its so obvious Dr Dubois is Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson.

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I wish the book ended with Earth going bye bye but its not the halfway point. Anyone read it? Less of a slog later on?

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