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I’ve been a Productive Adult and I need suggestions for a practical joke.

1. Good things: After a really difficult week (mood and sleep issues, in particular) Mr GV and I had a really chill evening together that was capped by his niece and her wife coming down for the weekend. They are early 20s, sweet, and adorable and they brought their sweet and gigantic doggie. They’ll pick up Bonus Dog (Mr GV’s folks’ dog for whom we are her second home) later today for a play date.

2. Productive things: I went to bed before midnight last night and slept well. I dragged my ass out of bed to go get blood work done (I get passy-outy, so it isn’t fun). I came home and picked up Bonus Dog and she sat outside the local fancy market with me while I ate post-blood draw breakfast and drank coffee. Under the influence of twice the caffeine I usually get I threw together the laundry I’ve been putting off as soon as we got home! I also boxed up some pictures that have been sitting around. I may finish up the dishes, too.


3. Practical joke: Two of my co-workers are out of town and back Tuesday. They share an office with another co-worker and I call that place The Frathouse. It’s also the Room Where Productivity Goes to Die. The co-worker who has the joint to herself right now is cool, but not the jokey type. I decided she and I should join sisterhood forces and come up with something for the boys’ return. Right now I’m leaning toward something like turning their big desks toward the wall, but I know that’s been done to one of them before. I’m trying to come up with something cheeky and inconvenient, but not at all mean or inappropriate.

Feel free to share what’s working well for you today, too.

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