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Sex and the City - A Complete Re-Watch

I’ve decided to re-watch Sex and City. Because why the fuck not?

Sex and the City is almost 20 years old. When I first watched it, I was a teenager and it ended when I was in university. I think the last time I watched any episodes in any kind of order or binge watch was 10 years ago.

After the recent revelation that my ex had started dating a much younger woman, I was pulled towards the second season story arc of Big dating Natasha and watched some clips on You Tube. My story parallels Carrie’s somewhat in that we’re the same age, but my ex was NOT a 40 something millionaire and I am not as flighty as Carrie Bradshaw. I’ve been wondering since then how the series holds up on a whole and how I would feel about it now that I’m squarely in the middle of the age bracket the women were during the show (34) and am single/never married. I remember some of the storylines and I think that they will hold up...less well. But I think some of it might hold up alright.


Anyway, I’ll be posting recaps a couple times a week to keep myself occupied and amused. I’ll post about 2-3 episodes at a time. So slap on your Manolos and mix yourself a Cosmopolitan. And join me in reliving what all the fuss was about.

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