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Welcome To The Bitchery

My kiddo is getting to be that age where there are a lot of questions about sex. Today he was freaking out because apparently he took some naked pictures of himself on his iPod, and thought that they had been accidentally uploaded to Skybox. Then when they weren't there, he freaked out that someone had stolen them.

First off we had a long talk about not taking nude selfies until he is an adult and for sure never sending any to anyone. Then I had to explain that when someone steals digital data, they don't erase it after taking it, they just take a copy. So if his pictures weren't there, they probably never were (and 'phew' because I suspect that is all kinds of illegal). These are not things that I even had to think about when I was a kid.


Then we started talking about the fact that he should use his mirror and his imagination for sexy-time thoughts, but that when he was a grownup there would be a smorgasbord of porn to choose from if that is a choice he wants to make. He's still not entirely clear on what porn is and is not (he once reported seeing porn on YouTube when he in fact saw a lady pole dancing in a bikini), but he was curious as to what it is like. I told him that it's like the difference between watching a movie and living real life. In a movie everything is fast and cut together so that you only see the interesting stuff, and people only say interesting things. It's not like real life where people sleep at night and have boring days and sometimes just eat a sandwich.

Then he wanted to know what kinds of things were in porn. I said lots of people having sex. "And naked pillow fights?" Yes, that too.

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