In episode 5,264,1FUCKEVERYTHING of "Woman Doing Non-Sexual Things Being Sexualized And/Or Violated", a woman in Portland was pumping breast milk in her own office was recorded on the pen camera of Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon (pictured below, or wherever the hell Kinja wants it to be), who just couldn't get enough of that hot, hot motherhood and decided to take a stand for all the men who don't get to ogle all women whenever they want, all the time, with or without their consent.


On January 14th, Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon was in his co-worker's office to check her software license and left the pen camera on her desk, where she pumped breast milk 3 to 4 times per day. Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon (and scumbag shitmouth attorney John Gutbezahl) claimed that it was to monitor the co-worker, who Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon suspected would steal proprietary data, as she was leaving the company.

Awesome Badass Assistant District Attorney Amanda Nadell noted that Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon had never secretly recorded any of the other dozens of employees that had left the company over the years, and that his office being down the hall from the victim along with her habit of leaving a note requesting no disturbances while pumping, had both knowledge and motive to record her. No reference is made in anything that I read about Nadell bringing forward evidence of Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon being the kind of guy that licks his lips too much when he talks to you and uses the word "ladies" in that super-creepy way, but it can't be ruled out.

On August 1st, Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon was convicted of felony second-degree burglary and misdemeanor invasion of personal privacy. Luckily, Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon will face SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES for his actions, including a lengthy jail stay, not having a job, and...what's that? Oh, that's not actually true.

Judge Stephen Bushong sentenced Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon to ten days in jail, three years' probation, and registry on the sex offender list. Also, he already has a new job, and his boss was in court for Vile Odious Shitbag Russell Gordon's sentencing. I can't say for sure, but there's a decent possibility that his new company has a board of directors similar to Twitter's.


(story from OregonLive, KPTV)