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Sex Resources for an Incoming College Freshman

I'm in the process of writing a long letter/help guide sort of thing to a girl who's about to enter her freshman year of college at the school I'll finally be graduating from next week. I'm covering a ton of issues in the letter (things like buying books, things to keep in your dorm room, where she can find pretty much anything she needs on campus, various resources the school offers, etc.), and I'm discussing some things related to sexual health. I've given her various information about things like where she can get free condoms on campus, get Plan B, get tested and such, but I also want to hook her up with a few good resources online. I know about Scarleteen, which I'm definitely recommending, but does anyone have any other quality sites that might be good for me to include?

For a bit of background, she's 18 and just graduated from a public school in Texas, where most schools seem to be employing abstinence-only-until-marriage policies on sex ed. I was her counselor at a summer camp for a couple of years, and she and I have remained friends since. Thanks!

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