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Sex Symbols

That you just don’t get. Who’s perceived as a sex symbol that just doesn’t ring your bell? And, conversely, who should be considered a sex symbol but is overlooked?

I do not get the lust for Gerard Butler. Like, sometimes, in certain light, I feel like I miiiiight get it but then, nope, I just don’t get it. I’m sure he’s perfectly charming and probably IRL he’s very handsome but... yeah, he just doesn’t trip my trigger.


I also don’t get Bradley Cooper. I think he’s a fine actor and, again, I’m sure he’s super charming IRL. But... nuttin.

Finally, I really, really do not get Adam Levine. Like, in any way. His voice causes ears pain. And he always looks smug to me. Resting smug face—is that a thing? Well, if it is, he has it.


How about you? Whose allure confuses you?

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