It is sometimes so hard to fucking figure out which is the primary reason why my thoughts are being invalidated in professional circles.

Is it because I'm young that you are offended that I don't share your belief that I'll be a right-wing conservative when I'm 67 years old? Is it because I'm young that you discount my beliefs about governments having a responsibility to protect and support the most vulnerable members of our society? Is that why you call me a coward for refusing to engage?

Or maybe it's because I'm a woman that you're comfortable telling me that I'll change my mind in 40 years? Or that you demand I present you with three inarguable points as to why my political orientation is right while I am supposed to just accept yours as being correct?

Is it a combination of the two that leads you to believe that it's appropriate to denigrate a young professional woman who has a position of authority in front of your mutual colleagues and peers?

Or are you just a raging drunken arsehole who can't justify his own thoughts and feels the only proper response to disagreement with your ideas is to call the only women engaging you in an (attempted) intellectual argument is to call them (respectively) "evil" and "a coward"?

Do you think you fucking make your point when you are reduced to calling me names? Do you feel like a bigger man for discounting my opinions? Do you even fucking care that I have been up for two hours STEWING IN RAGE because of your efforts to humiliate me? Your efforts which have no demonstrable purpose other than to reassure yourself that you are "right" in your beliefs as a white middle-class old guy? Is my argument SO COMPELLING that all you can come up with is to shout me down and call me NAMES as I walk away to avoid arrest?


Guess what? I am going to tell your boss that your behaviour was fucking deplorable and disrespectful. I'm going to decline to associate with you in any further interactions and if that negatively affects your business, fucking GOOD. I am going to tell people that your behaviour is unacceptable and you do not deserve the reverence you seem to have from strangers. It is not okay to be so drunk you call your colleagues names in a quasi-professional setting. It is not okay to menace women and PUT YOUR HANDS ON THEIR THIGHS WHEN THEY ARE DISAGREEING WITH YOU I don't care how drunk you are. It is not right and it is not okay and I will not accept this.

All I can do is hope that people listen. After all, I'm just a young woman. What the fuck do I know?