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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sexism and Landladies.

Groupthink posting privileges! Thanks, mods. Anyway, I have an absolutely terrible landlady. She doesn't respond to problem quickly or frequently at all. She tries to charge tenants for things that don't make sense. Last year she kept our thermostat locked in a box and set the temperature to 62 as the highest it would go for winter (in Utah!) She also hires the cheapest help she can. Recently we needed our kitchen faucet fixed - it had been leaking horribly for sometime, among other problems. She brought over an old, male plumber who took one look at our kitchen and the dishes I hadn't yet washed (we had zero advance warning about when they were coming) and told me and my roommate that we'd never be good wives and he's not surprised we're not married yet. The floor needed sweeping (hey, it's grad school thesis/finals time) and he said men would just be angry at us. He then proceeded to mock my roommate for knowing how to use tools when she explained what she had already done to try to fix the sink. He said we're his best paying customers - stupid girls who don't know how to fix anything. And the landlady stood in the back the whole time agreeing. She's been very sexist before - wouldn't let us try to fix very easy things, but when roommate's boyfriend (whom she'd never met before) came over, she gushed all over him and said of course he can fix whatever he wants. Cannot wait to move out of here soon!

I wanted to hear other people's bad landlord/lady stories - anything to share and make me feel slightly less resentful towards mine?


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