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Sexism in Video Games: When Even Other Dudes Call You Out.

I think we are pretty acquainted with the rampant abuse women receive around games; from direct attacks on the voice channels, to the "tests" they are subject in order to prove their geekness.

Also, it is also clear how the whole sexism/racism/anything non progressivism works:

  • Someone is either doing that because they have weighted the consequences and harmfulness and yet chose to be dicks, which qualifies the person in question to an eternity of shame (or a job in Fox News, by that matter); these are what I call sources of hate. Or just assholes.
    Examples are anyone with enough access to information to be able to realize how wrong it is: Coulter, Beck, O'Reilly, Trump, etc.

  • Someone is being a dick because they grew up in that toxic culture, and just never stopped themselves to question it. Examples are all of us.
    As a guy, I can guarantee that I said sexist shit in the past. I stopped saying it when I questioned why and the answer was "because I've seen every other male figure do it". I call these carriers of hate, or products of a sexist culture.
    In the end, we will spend the rest of our lives fighting the ideas we got from the environment as kids, testing each and everyone for their veracity. That's how you become a feminist, btw.

    So, what's my point? It takes a special kind of idiot to spill prejudice like a knee jerk even when there is no room for it. And by no room I mean other gamers wouldn't think it is justifiable.

    This is a post from 9Gag, a gamer-nice-guy-why-am-I-friendzoned-look-boobs-woman-logic-that-is-gay-no-homo-dude empire. The post was the map for GTA San Andreas.

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So, the gentleman (who btw is from my country. Shit dude, you had to be Brazilian, didn't you?) was so fast to lynch the female poster to the point that he had no point.

This, ladies and (actual) gentlemen, is what misogyny is. Next time someone asks you "why do you keep saying rape culture anyway?" or "why is it a culture?" this is a good pedagogical example. Heck, even the 9gag dudes can see it's bollocks.

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