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Sexism making me rage!

TW: Harassment, non-graphic/non-detailed mentions of rape.

I am so infuriated right now. My good friend, "K", is an awesome, kickass Asian American who is studying to be a astrophysicist (she's really smart!). She has been sexually assaulted by two long term boyfriends, so she has a lot of anxiety and PTSD-type issues from it, understandably. So, when she posted about being upset at an occurrence of street harassment on Facebook, I felt very defensive of her. She is in black. Assorted female friends in other colors. I am in green. Total sexist jackass in red.


His first comment STILL has me seething. If that's not so bad, it goes on...and on....and on. Until he claims that he, as a white male religious person in the US, has been discriminated against more than me, an albeit white but female genderfluid and currently disabled person (oh yeah, that's the latest shitstorm to add to my list!).

I am still ridiculously upset over this. I know I should be used to it by now, having dealt with lots of sexist jerks, but it never stops making me RAGE. Also partly because it's my good friend and I want to stand up for her.

I'm actually shaking with anger. I know I need to just walk away from this conversation, but he's being such an asshat. I'm usually an advocate for rational discussion, as many of you know. I've even argued with many of you about the need for respectfulness during a conversation. I've been reading some writing/speeches by Audre Lorde on the importance of anger and emotion, and I can see that both things have their place and are important. Also, in this conversation, it seems like he's using gendered social rules (women must be "dignified" and "polite") to undermine the conversation. AHHHH!


Alright, y'all! Gifs and pile-on to make me feel better pretty please?


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