One of the stories of the NYC Gubenatorial election is the way Andrew Cuomo has studiously ignored his opponent, Zephyr Teachout, culminating in his refusal to acknowledge her when she was right in front of him.

Cuomo is wearing the fancy sash and looking at deBlasio desperately for help. Refusing to name your opponent is a time honored political tradition, but has a different look when it's a woman because it seems emblematic of women in politics.

Turns out this tweet may not be true, but no one can find Cuomo, so they running with it. Most of the media are interviewing Teachout because Cuomo's MIA on election night. She got 36% of the (low turnout) vote with a $200,000 campaign fund compared to his $35 million. NY's election system is really broken and none of these assholes will try to fix it.