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Just because you can photoshop it well, doesn't mean it's good. Especially if the concept behind it is bad.

An insight for the new nissan electrics cars. The woman are the a good target for this type of cars, because for the most men, a good car has to be tough, horse power, good tyres and good handling. They only want is beauty.

This car brings new sensations, so why not make it the new female electric toy?

My response :


Besides how obviously sexist it is to sell the 'insight' that men care about things such as, how _good_ a car is, women only care about how pretty it is. He also seems to think that the best way to sell that concept is by objectifying and sexualizing women. You use the word Insight sir, but you clearly do not know what it means.

No.. NO. NO!

You can view this gentleman's project here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/183006…

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