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I'm toying around with the idea of writing a hackerspace post on how to work with web APIs (think twitter, facebook, etc) for my library roundup series. So, one of the concepts that's key to understanding a lot of modern web programming is this knowing about something called REST. Well, one of the best explanations around happens to be How I Explained REST to My Wife, which is so sexist that the author agrees and replaced his post with a notice that he's keeping it off the web 'cause it's sexist.

So yay! You know, go Ryan for listening to critique and taking down the piece-but man what I wouldn't give for him to replace the piece with another explanation. The only other explanation that I like half as much is the original HTML Specification Request For Comments document, which is only about half as technical as it sounds and far more intimidating than I wanna give to a newbie.


So yeah, anybody else have a text/video/tutorial/etc? that they have a sorta love/hate relationship with?

Source: http://xkcd.com/340/

Note: Also, please recommend me all the good REST explanations. ;)

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