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Sexist drivel from my SIL

I'm expecting my second son in a few months, and we just found out that my husband's sister will have her first child a couple of months later. This is exciting, because my two sons and their cousin will all be close in age and will hopefully grow up playing together. (I don't have any extended family, so perhaps I have a romantic idea of what it would be like to have cousins around to play with.)

When she told us the news I asked my SIL whether she had any preference for a boy versus a girl. Well, her response was sexist and revealed attitudes I honestly didn't know she holds. She said that she wants a boy, and so does her husband— because don't all men wants boys? (Um, no, and yuck! My father once told me that he always envisioned himself as having daughters, which explains so much about how awesome he is. And makes me wonder/feel sad about my FIL.)

When I mentioned that I have some friends who have four girls, she said, "There must be so much in-fighting in their house, since they are all girls. Girls are so catty." Really?!


And of course she's having a girl. I always wanted one, and we were especially hoping for one this time around. I love my son and wouldn't trade him for anything, and I am sure I will feel the same about his little brother. It will be fun to raise two feminist boys. But I would have loved to raise an awesome, badass little feminist girl. And instead she gets to have a girl, who she's probably going to raise with these sexist, potentially self-hating attitudes? Blerg.

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