It's bedtime for me and the evening's just starting for lots of you, but shit's going down in the online SF/F community. James Frenkel, a senior editor with Tor among other things, has been called out as a serial sexual harasser and people are talking seriously about it.

Here's Guest post from Elise Matthesen on John Scalzi's Whatever, describing her "first person how to" on formally reporting sexual harassment. Elise's post was also featured on Seanan Maguire's blog.
Cherie Priest has also posted an essay on experiencing sexual harassment in this context, the lived experience of not expecting to be believed if you complain, and some of the informal ways women deal with harassment. "Maybe It's Just Us - some thoughts on sexual harassment and the genre writing/publishing scene".
Jim C. Hines is on the case as well, signal boosting Elise's essay, adding information, and tweeting info on how to report harassment:

Tor has an online "anonymous-option" reporting tool: (NOT formal unless you leave contact info & reply to HR.)

— Jim C. Hines (@jimchines) June 28, 2013

If anyone would like to comment privately to WisCon 37 & WisCon 38 co-chairs about harassment or any other topic, email

— WisCon (@WisCon37) June 28, 2013

Okay, I could go on with the discussions on Jim C. Hines's twitter feed but seriously just go look for yourself. What is important about this is not just the sexual harassment and that it's getting called out, but that very vocal and prominent men in a field that still is often perceived as being a Boys Club (and I'm not going to get into how wrong that is right now) are standing up and saying they won't stand for this, calling it out as wrong, and supporting those who have been sexually harassed, and making it clear that creeping on women is not acceptable and should and will be dealt with.

EDIT: One more link from Maria Dahvana Headley: BUT HE DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS HIJACKING YOUR SHIP: On Conference Creeps". I'm really going to bed now.