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Finding your old photos online and cleaning up your digital history. One writer tracks a young girl's digital/phone (19,000 texts!!) history (on buzzfeed). The right to be forgotten on the internet (via the New Yorker).

Finding a new word.


Men's worst fears being realized: they are being replaced by women.

13 going on 39.


Online shaming of men: like a pebble against the tide

If women are the cookies of the Internet, then, they're cookies that men never feel like they can't have. Even the tersest of responses on OKCupid is still giving an aggressive user exactly what he wants: interaction. Men's enjoyment of women—of their bodies, their words, and even their distress—is often so thorough and so adaptable that posting their messages or threatening to call out their behavior online has little to no effect. In the absence of meaningful consequences for misogynistic behavior, many men can afford to be cavalier and carefree about their online personas.


Going social to fight racism. (h/t lachategris)


the women behind Alibaba's IPO.

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