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Sexy Cyber (Monday Deals)!

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I know, I know, I know. There are more important things going on in the world than consumerism, but, BUT! I am a pessimist and figure around this time next year the economy will be tanked so why not spend erratically while you can? I kept waiting for someone else to make this post, so I didn’t have to be the vain, self serving one, but fuck it I am, and here we go with the Cyber Monday (weekend?) buys I couldn’t resist.


Poprageous: Leggings, leggings, leggings! 30% off $100 (blackout30) or 40% off $200 (cyber40). Unforch hitting $100 bucks is super easy, because their leggings average $70, but I managed to score 2 pairs of leggings a rad B. Spears t-shirt for like $117. I know price-wise it sounds gross, but I tried for awhile to go through this Lotus Leggings place. They basically sell the same shit as Poprageous and Black Milk at a fraction of the cost, and 10x the shipping time because they ship out from China, and probably from sweatshops. On a side to side comparison though, Poprageous’s quality is fucking tits, and it’s USA made. Plus fucking leggings.

MAC!!!!!!!!! 25% off most things I would assume. I got two lipsticks for $25.50, the greymetal Halsey, and Liquid Lurex, this gold flecked color that should be shimmery, sugary sweet. They also have two coupon codes: SAMPLES for 5 extra samples, and CYBER, for free overnight shipping. I picked SAMPLES because I love extra shit, and they are already offering free 3-5 day shipping. I do have to say I got overexcited about this sale, and bought the first things I saw instead of browsing the site. I missed out on getting the Helmut Newton High Heels Lippy. It’s still there, but since I still have a modicum of self restraint, alas, I shall not buy.


Last but not least I got a bunch of bralettes from TOBI. Most of the site in on sale for 50% - 60% off plus free shipping. I got 4 for $18.00. If you’re looking to spice up your sexy (cyber) wardrobe on the cheap I recommend them. Reviews of the site seem good, and shipping is rumored to be hella fast. Plus if it turns out to be shit you’re not out a ton of money.

Did you all find any deals that you are particularly proud of? Do you also pride yourself for your socialist morals, then cry yourself to sleep because of your blatant commercialism? Any other leggings whores up in this groupthink? Anybody else’s mother drag them to a Kohl’s at 4am on Black Friday?

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