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Sexy Halloween Costumes for 4-6 year old Girls pulled from Value Village

Raina Delisle, a freelance journalist and Mom from Victoria, British Columbia went to her local Value Village looking for a Fire Fighter's costume for her daughters and was horrified by what she found on offer.

The store had gendered costumes for both fire fighters and police officers, and while the packages with little boys on them had realistic looking uniforms, the ones with little girls in the package had short skirts, and in the case of the fire fighter, didn't even have a hat. Instead the costume came with fascinator.


Raina Delisle made a number of phone calls to Value Village as both a mother, and a freelance journalist, but got no response.

On Monday however, Value Village released a statement saying it would be pulling the costumes from the shelves.

One wonders why anyone greenlit them in the first place.

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