Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've always turned to Camera Obscura for my quota of twee and deep feelings, but I've noticed something sensual about a lot of the songs on their album Desire Lines. Do It Again is, IMO, mainly about sex, but it had all the double entendres over a cheery melody and beat. Another song, This Is Love (Feels Alright), is surprisingly sensual.

I then started thinking...what indie musicians, especially those in the female and "twee" genre, make seriously sexy music?Not a bawdy song sung with a wink and a smile, but pure "I'm a sexy lady wanting sexy things"music.There is this thing that people tend to do where they stereotype anyone with a cute appearance as being uninterested in nitty gritty things like sex or carnal attraction.It's always the girl in shorter skirts that people can take seriously when they express such a need. The girl in longer skirts can't express such a need without it being seen as a joke.It all ties into the madonna/whore thing, and it really needs to stop. That said, share your favorite songs about getting it on by indie bands. Bonus points if it has a female lead, because maybe if more girls sung about what they wanted, people would get the idea that we know what they want.


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