So I have an out of town “thing” happening with a delightful fellow and I was supposed to leave tomorrow to visit. Woohoo. I am waxed where I wanted to be, my hair is cut and colored and I am magical. Then he got a toothache, which was not that big of a deal until it wouldn’t go away. Then it got worse to the point where he couldn’t eat. They tried to save it with a root canal but couldn’t so the tooth is coming out tomorrow. Hooray for not-great teeth genes coupled with no dental insurance ever! We talked about whether I should just come anyway but as he said “I want to enjoy your visit. I’m going to be in pain, cranky, and my dentist says I can’t even kiss you? That would be the shittiest visit ever!” Agreed. Sadly, thanks to scheduling issues we have to wait a month. Boo. On the plus side, it was only $49 to switch my plane tickets and he will not see the zit on my chin that’s so huge it’s casting a shadow.