Put on your thinking caps. This is going to get for some obscure. Once upon a time before there was Three CPO and R2D2. There were Robbie the Robot and B9 aka Robot from Lost in Space.


The silver is Robot from Lost in Space the other is Robbie. Robbie as most know got his start from Forbidden Planet remarkable prototype for original Star Trek. If you have not seen Forbidden Planet watch it. I would put it easily top twenty SF movie of all time. One of the most cerebral too. Robbie has appeared on other shows including Lost In Space.

Both leaning towards arrogant. Robot wins though.

Both have homicidal tendencies. Robot can safely say “he made me do it”.

Both have doctors who have a clear influence. Robbie’s doctor was less annoying.

Both are mobile: Flat surface Robot is faster. On stairs or really uneven ground Robbie is more mobile.

Both are lethal: Robot shoots out electricity through his hands that. Palpatine would be proud of.


I found this picture of Robbie and Velda. Velda was one of the few female robots at the time or even now. Star Wars robots are distinctly male. Velda was not, smarter then Robot she had all the knowledge of the galaxy.

So who was a better robot? Robbie or Robot? I say Robot since he did not kill Dr Smith who as the Chicago song said “he had it coming”. Actually I always found it remarkable the Robinsons not only did not but trusted him with their kids. Dr Smith had tried to kill them, sabotage their ship, hid behind Will a child when danger came along with hiding behind Robot.


Robbie’s life was easy.

Winner Lost In Space Robot.

Agree, disagree. Your thoughts.

Can someone link this to Observation Deck for their thoughts.

Here is an awesome picture.


The short robot is Twiggy from Buck Rogers. The stuffed animal was a robot and baby sitter from Battlestar Galactica original version. Anyone recall the name? I want to say Boomer. Awesome display.