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Welcome To The Bitchery
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SF's Water Supply is on Fire... Or Whatever

Just a head's up in case an Bay Area Jezzies like myself go suddenly missing, there is a fire in the Sierras/ Yosemite that has caused a state of emergency to be declared for San Francisco. There is damage to the electrical infrastructure that feeds SF's power and Hetch Hetchy (the source of SF's water supply) is also in danger... of something. Details are sketchy.

So far there are no reported power outages but the fire is not contained, so further damage is possible. Thankfully, it is also the week of Burning Man, so the hipsters are already not bathing in some other location.


I'm not sure if this affects the infrastructure of non-SF parts of the Bay Area. SF is not at risk of being on fire, FYI. Anyway, if we disappear unexpectedly, it's probably a massive power outage or a mass exodus. I'm going to go fill my bathtub with water now.

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