We watched part of it Saturday night and my mother wanted to see it from the start so it was on again tonight. Its the “we need your money” month. My mother I would guess would not know one Beatles song from another.

She was completely absorbed by this and wants to get the cd.

The show took 7 songs including Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields both are considered part of the album but not on it they were made during the making of the albim.. The host a musical historian and composer broke all 7 songs apart.

Strawberry Lane had a part where Lennon sang two lines at two different times and he wanted them linked. Today an app could do it. In 1966 and 1967 it was on magnetic tapes and one segment had to slow down. Magnetic tapes could not slow down so the engineer slowed it down by the electrical current powering the machine.

She’s Leaving Home was the most interesting. The notes harken back to Celtic songs and how the song uses three povs. A narrator who sets up the story. The parents and the 17 year old young woman leaving home to have fun in the city.