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Shady motherfuckers think women are stupid.

Or they are deluded. I just had this chat, with this guy, who's married, who's looking for friends, but only "girls who like guys."

SM: how are you?

Me: Uh...fine. If you're looking for "like minded friends," why is it only women who potentially want to have sex with men? Why not everybody?

SM: ah...who said anything about sex...that is moving kinda fast

Me. You missed my point entirely. If you are just looking for friends, why are you limiting it by gender and sexual preference?

SM: I would love to find some local guys who play hockey. haha...not sure this would be the site to do that

Me:Why not? If you're looking for friends, you're looking for friends. I'm sure there are many men on this site who enjoy hockey.

SM: I agree, but I highly doubt they are looking at men's profiles...am I wrong? jus sayin

Me: Ok. Well...I find the whole thing shady. Best of luck with your friend search.

SM: k. best of luck to you too! may your mind open and your heart find happiness

Me: Oh fuck off, you sanctimonious prick.

Perhaps I'm a cynical bitch, but I seriously don't believe when dudes say they're just looking for friends on a dating site. Man...this shit's starting to get to me. I'm getting reaaaally cranky.


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