Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My opinion of Shailene Woodley has gone from "who?" to "meh." She seems like a nice person and a decent actress, but not someone you'd want to be on a long bus ride with.

So apparently she's said some dumb things. The New Age stuff is kind of amusing, but I can understand why people are upset about her comments on feminism.


Part of me wants to say "she's 22," because I was a total idiot when I was 22. But I think it's probably better to point out that she's not running for office or doing anything other than being an actress. It sucks if what she says scares girls away from feminism, but I don't know if it will or not.

I'm sick of hearing about how some celebrity is the WORST or else our total BFF. No celebrity is perfect (Patrick Stewart comes close, but he willingly spends time with Seth MacFarlane. Ew).

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