So, in a moment of insanity a few days ago, the cat attacked my arm. He went outside, where he is not allowed to go, in whole child-opens-the-door-then-looks-surprised kind of way. He then met another cat and tried to follow it. I headed that off, but in the excitement, he freaked out and attacked my arm as I gently tried to shoo him back into the house. Interestingly, as soon as he did this, he got this horrified look on his face (I swear), and he ran back into the house and hid.

I really, really worked on the scratches, because one of them was a puncture and hit a vein. Lots of blood! Yay! Spurting blood! Lots of hydrogen peroxide and ointment. Lots of changing the bandages and reapplication. And refusing to speak to the cat for two days, as he slunk around the house looking surprisingly guilty for a cat. You know what I mean. They don't do that. I think he was embarrassed.

I did all this dramatic sterilizing because I've had blood poisoning before. Three times. It sucks. And twice before, it was the scratch of a cat that caused it.

Anyhoo, things seems FINE. I had to reapply for several days, but really, it looked okay. I checked it this afternoon. FINE. Then, tonight, in the midst of endless work (another story), I looked down and saw a very faint red streak. Fuck. Damn it. After three days of FINE.

So, I'm re-treating it tonight. It's warm but not super hot, but it's that damned punctured area. I just .... UGH ... I know what's in store. Cutting. Digging. The heinous pain shot. Penicillin. MONEY. I've gotten it to fade, but crappity crap crap, it's irritating. Also, my hypochondriac family always keeps saying MRSA over and over. Why do relatives do that?

So, honestly, this story is really a bit pointless, and I'm just whining instead of packing more things and to keep from staring at my arm, so ...


What are your crazy injury stories? They will be interesting, as long as you are all totally okay now.

Don't be tellin' me about that time your arm fell off because the cat scratched it though ... because ... reasons.

My other crazy injury story involved a hammer falling on my head. Don't ask.


Well, the arm is better. All that hydrogen peroxide paid off. Alas, however, I started feeling bad yesterday and kind of ignored it, and now, it appears via the nausea and um, other things that I will not share that I have the vomiting thing going around!!! So excited!!!


What the hell, body? I mean, really, come on. Damn it. I cannot with this week.