Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I’ve been mostly lurking these days, partly due to not having much intelligent thoughts to share and partly due to school. I’m still doing clinical rotations, and these days it’s family medicine. It’s hugely challenging, one day it’s minor emergencies, one day it’s musculo-skeletal issues, the other it’s palliative care. We’re constantly thrown off balance into something new. Which is a great way to learn I guess.

Anyways, a side effect of having spent about 20 years in school so far is that my eyes have gotten old. I am newly bespectacled (it’s been about 4 weeks), and while I can do without the glasses on casual days, they really do improve my sight enough to put up with them. So now on top of the cheap-ish pair I got because I didn’t know if I would use them much, I want to get a second one. You know, a different look in a different colour, to mix it up a little. I like these beauties:

Illustration for article titled Shameless crowdsourcing: buying glasses online?

A friend of mine had a good experience buying glasses online (selectspecs.com). And they do have loooots of choice and good savings. Of course there’s a hitch: my MasterCard payment just will not go through no matter how much I try (and MasterCard assures me my card is fine).

So before I resign myself to paying more for less in a real-life store, anybody know of any other good websites for glasses? They should deliver to Canada.

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