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Shameless Donation Request

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Since this is a feminist community, I thought it would be worthwhile to see if anyone wanted to contribute to this fundraiser. Naturally any donations over $20.00 will receive a tax receipt if requested, but if you do feel like giving, literally anything you can give would be an enormous help.


The details: At the end of May, I’ll be taking part in a 10k Walk-a-Thon to help fund the operating costs for a local Vancouver women’s crisis centre. 100% of the money raised goes toward the operational costs of the non-profit transition house. The money is spent on many of the basic necessities for the women housed at this facility, including diapers, formula, and groceries, as well as the electric bill, water bill, etc.

The VRR Transition House is a space reserved specifically for women who have been raped or attacked by men and who have nowhere else to go.


Women and men who do not meet this criteria are still assisted by the centre, and often found alternative shelter or resources. The volunteers who monitor the phone lines will spend their time finding help for anyone who calls, even if the house is completely booked up — which, frighteningly enough, is often.

As it is a transition house, the volunteers and workers help the women (and their children) find new housing, of course, but also accompany them on hospital visits, help advocate for them with the police, and will also attend their court appearances to offer support and assistance where needed.


This is one of many Vancouver rape crisis centres, and yet nearly every week these houses have little to no occupancy. It’s a massive problem for what should be a fairly progressive city, and with no governmental funds going toward operational costs, they do rely on fundraisers, donations, and other forms of charity to stay afloat.

If you would like to contribute, you can visit the link HERE.

If you’d like more information about this centre, the fundraiser, the operational costs, or anything else — please feel free to ask below and I’ll answer where I can.

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