Usually there aren't a ton of episode specific gifs for Shameless, but this episode brought quite a few! Spoilers ahead.

So this week we learned that Ian is packing 9 inches in those tiny gold shorts. So there's that. But seriously, when a sick, drunk, crazy, etc character says they "just need to take a shower" that's always code for they're gonna bail the fuck outta there. Sometimes I forget that Mickey really isn't the smartest dude. He's witty, but he makes dumb dumb dumb decisions. So Ian runs off on a manic episode with Mickey's baby. Svetlana is noooooot going to be happy Orange Boy!


Debbie and Carl are pretty much the same this week, Debbie at the gym with boxing hottie and Carl attempting to do maths.

Lip finally realizes he no longer belongs. Or maybe he just comes to his senses about it. He might be the only Gallagher so far to stand at the edge and not jump off. He's walking a way for now, but for how long? I don't trust any happy endings for Shameless characters. Not one bit. But I'm glad Lip is having this epiphany, I expect some major character growth (finally!)

Kev and V left off at an unsettling note. Last week I crooned over how their relationship is so stable but I guess that foundation got rocked and we have yet to see if V stayed when Kev came downstairs. I'm a little scared for them. I need their stability!

Frank had a bit of a formulaic plot this week, he is basically scamming the parents of the dude who's liver he has, playing along with the dad's fantasy of having his son back by playing ball, wearing the kid's clothes... it's weird. Then he has sex with the grieving mother. Very Frank. Also, loved his little lament about losing alcohol and equating it to grief, that was pretty touching/funny.


And JimmyJackJustinSteve is actually back now. It felt like Fiona had two episodes worth of crap happen this week. First she is going to announce her marriage to the family, then her coworker disappears and ODs and it's very tragic and she realizes she knows nothing about Gus and freaks out a little. Gus is able to calm her down by being awesome and saying exactly the right thing. Then he leaves and immediately we're slammed with a Jingleheimer reunion. Granted, I figured they'd end it with that when Fiona told what's her face about being married and she gets up with a purpose. Anyway, say what you want about JingleSteve, I'm looking forward to having him around again. Things were always way more interesting with him around. Also, this preview for next week, I'm really glad this is how she reacted, this was how I wanted her to react. Remember that she has no idea where he went, just that he disappeared. She didn't know he was basically gonna die, just that he didn't show when she needed him. So I'm glad she punched him in the face. I would have.