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Shameless Not Self Promotion (thread for supporting small businesses on this day of capitalist indulgence)

My friend is running a Black Friday sale in his shop and I think some of the nerdier of you would be interested in his work. He basically does laser cutting and engraving and woodworking, but his big ticket items are these wood engraved maps of nerd places and that he works on with illustrators and artists. He was featured on Kotaku a while back for his map of Hyrule (from Zelda), and right now he also has a Twin Peaks map and a Harry Potter map. (He also does other stuff but those are what he’s known for).

I also know the owner of a feminist boutique in town called Glitterbox. They only sell art and products made by women, and donate some of their profits to local women-focused organizations. I don’t think they sell online, but I just want to highlight them anyway in case you come visit New Orleans soon, or you can donate if you want, or just follow them on social media and learn about the feminist artists they feature.


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