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Shameless Recap Uncle Carl

Did you think I'd forgotten about these?

This Sunday's episode was titled "Uncle Carl" so let's start with Carl. Rarely does he get as much screen time as he did this week, and it seemed to work out for the better. I'm not saying the kid who plays Carl is a phenomenal actor but he's... getting there. It's tough when most of what Carl used to be was some small comic relief or shock for shock's sake (no shock therapy pun intended). It's nice to see Carl doing something, even if he is doing exactly what someone like him would do, but then again, look at his role models. One thing I do have a problem with is how the show handles Chuckie. I just really hate Chuckie, he's so pointless and only used for poop, fart, and fat jokes, so boring. The kid is dull and basically a prop. Sammi's not a popular character either so I'll be happy if/when they're gone. Also, I've never been arrested but in both cases for Carl and Chuckie, would two tweens with no priers really be so quick to be put in jail? Maybe Carl if we can assume he has some delinquencies piled up somewhere, but at least Chuckie's testimony would get him out immediately, it just seems silly, the kid is clearly not right.


Lip... I can't say much about Lip without getting upset. I take back what I said about not really liking Lip, he redeemed himself this week. Also, is Shameless kinda shamelessly sniffing for Emmys with all these heartfelt monologues? My gut says maybe. But I hope Lip is able to stay in school. maybe ask Amanda for help, her dad did offer him a paid internship...

Fiona sort of sorted out her marriage situation. But it seems like Gus is spent even if she's willing to fight for him. It would have been nice if we didn't have so many scenes of Fiona talking about her marriage problems, it feels like a non-issue compared to some of the other things she's got going on. Stay with Gus, don't stay with Gus, I honestly don't care. We got JohnJacobJimmyJingleheimerSteve closure last week at least, can we wrap up the Fiona's love life shit for this season? It's getting tiresome.

Random thought: when Frank calls Liam "my little eggplant" took me a minute but made me smile, only Frank would say something like that.

There were the rumblings of what might be the beginning of a Fiona/Sammi feud. I'm bored of that idea already.


What the eff is up with Svetlana? At first I found her funny as hell and now I just don't get it. And then what's going on with Kev and Veronica? Breaking my damn heart!

That scene with Debbie and Mickey was perfect. Mickey and Ian are basically the show's bread and butter but it's because they're played so well!


I'm excited for next week's episode. The season should be picking up steam soon, not sure where that steam is headed but I'm excited for the ride!

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