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I write these Shameless recaps for myself more than for you guys.

Last night's episode was a little disjointed from the previous week's. Frank, who was strict about his one-beer-a-day rule went on a bender with his insurance money from the broken leg that mysteriously disappeared and was transferred to Carl without explanation (kidding, I guess the kid who plays Carl broke his leg irl and they're trying their darndest to incorporate it into the season that was already written without a broken-legged Carl). From forgotten Porsches, the return of Kermit, high-end Chinese prostitutes, to Frank wrestling a prosthetic limb from a homeless child, the money, to no one's surprise, is gone just as quick as it came. C'est la Frank Gallagher. Not necessarily the most interesting Frank story, but certainly not out of character.


Fiona gets married to that guy she met last week. She literally met him last week and a series of naked montage sequences isn't going to make me think this is a good decision for either character. Plus his name is Gus. Who marries a guy they just met named Gus?? "Pfender" is German for court bailiff. Don't know if that will have any significance, but what I do know is that this is a television show, and they have a whole other season lined up, so Fiona's happiness is limited and this marriage is destined to fail, or at least be questioned strongly. And grumpy diner owner sexy guy is reminding us that this decision was impulsive and will have a backlash. But it also was not out of character for Fiona so [shrug]. If she's trying to make up for what happened last season, I don't know if this is a good way to go about it, but at least we don't have to deal with more of that awful Australian (?) singer guy... for now... oh wait he was in that one diner scene. Seriously why are these guys always in there? JimmyJackJingleheimerSteve will be back so I'm not invested in Fiona's love life and neglecting the children she fought to gain custody of.

Lip's journey to Miami was the most disjointed one that I felt. Not really disjointed from the season as a whole, but just last week he was fucking Mandy and telling her what she wanted to hear and now he's off to Miami on a whim? I'm confused. I think Amanda is growing on me, she's a lot like Karen, which makes sense why Lip is drawn to her, and their discussion about vagina sex seemed on par with those two. It also seemed like they are both unwilling to say that they actually care for each other when it's pretty clear. Maybe not quite love and maybe not quite to the extend of his feelings for Karen, but Lip definitely likes this twisted weird girl because he is equally twisted and weird. And him bonding with her dad was quite adorable, as much as Amanda makes it seem like she hates her family, I think her dad's approval was something she was striving for. I still don't know where any of this is going, also, not that there's always blood, but I couldn't help thinking "you'll get blood all over those white sheets!" during the pre-sex discussion.

As much as I like Kev and V, I'm just not into their story this season. The only good takeaway I got from it was when V told Fiona what happened in the club dancing, Fiona immediately tried to justify it away by claiming it wasn't on purpose, V, being the only person with a damn head on her shoulders was immediately like no, I meant to do it, it was on purpose. I love that these two are friends and I love that this conversation really showcased how different they actually are. V is willing to be an adult and tell Kevin what happened, Fiona would never do that. This is why Kev and V are still together, because she can tell him this happened and she can even understand why it happened and he can listen and I hope they can work it out, they probably can. Even without their kinky fuckery, they are an emotionally mature couple and that's nice to see!

Debbie takes up boxing to... beat up the girls at school who somehow instantly know what happened at her party with Matty? I highly doubt Matty would talk about that with many people, he's not that kind of person so who went around telling? Carl? I'm confused how this news got around so fast... Carl is now working for drug dealers because they need a nice looking white kid to attract fancy customers? No offense, but aside from JimmyJackJingleheimerSteve, no one in a Lexus is pulling up to that neighborhood.


There was no Sammi this episode, her absence is questionable, but I am not a fan of her anyway, is that actress doing something else or something? I mean, that's usually why people go missing, like the guy who plays Ian was in The Giver last year and the girl who plays Mandy has a movie lined up, plus she's gonna be in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I guess, that should be interesting. Not really going anywhere with this. I like that Shameless always has more of a big picture season arc, which isn't common for 30 minute "comedies" and I like that they are back to the old Frank even though last season's Frank got critical acclaim, he can't be invalid forever.

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