Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello GT'ers! After several weeks of silence our apparently-occasional self promotion thread is up for this weekend.

If you have a new project, an Etsy store, blog posts, fictional vampire tv show, feminist collectives, personal achievements, videos, short films, design projects, or knitting project, baked good, or anything else you want your fellow GT'ers to know about, crow about it in the comments. Remember you are permitted to post links for friends, but doxxing rules apply (don't post anything associated with someone's real name without their permission).


For myself, I'm back in PK after spending three weeks in the US — one of which was unplanned, thanks to complications with our visas. But I guess my big brag this week is that after months and months of issues and three unsuccessful attempts to acquire them, the littlest Slay and I finally have our visas.

In other news, Groupthink is helping to test out the new Twitter invite feature of Kinja. You can find out more details about that here. It's a good tool for, you know, promotion, so if you're leaving a comment in the thread, why not give the feature a try too?

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