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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Shamelessly Asking for Suggestions

I mentioned it a couple times last week, but I've been working on a post that deals with the dangers of being a patient and being female.

My husband (a fellow MD and regular reader of Jez MP) and I have always joked with each other that Jez is not the most doctor-friendly place, but since I've been around, everyone's been pretty polite and tolerant of my presence, and I've come to feel differently about it. As I was explaining to my husband, women are simply more likely to have been in a medical situation where their doctor didn't believe them, and that's obviously going to frame their opinions about doctors and the medical profession.


I know many of you have horror stories, so I want to be sure that my input and perspective is welcome. Before launching into this sensitive topic, what are everyone's thoughts? Is this something that would be valuable, or am I opening old wounds?

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