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Welcome To The Bitchery

My poor hair needs your help! I’m trying to find a good shampoo/conditioner/other hair care that is specifically good for dealing with hair loss.

My hair has been noticibly (at least to me) thinning over the last year or two. Part of that is due to being hypothyroid, but I kind of have that back under control. And, I’m sure turning 30 hasn’t helped anything. But, if it is possible it could also be due to my shampoo, I’d like to get a handle on that too. I generally use OGX brand, though never any particular variety consistently.


About my hair:

  • Just past shoulder length (it just recently started touching my bra in the back)
  • Mostly straight, with some wave/curl to the under layers
  • Medium coarseness, defintely not fine
  • Aside from the falling out, very healthy (like my hair dresser comments on it healthy)
  • Some frizzies (some of which I think are new growth I’d like to encourage...even if many are starting to come in the wrong color!)
  • Dryish (I’ve been told I have “great camping hair”, because I can go 4 or 5 days before it starts getting noticeably greasy.) So I only clean it about 3 times a week.
  • Almost never heat treated.
  • Colored every few months.

The lady at Ulta suggested Nioxin, and after looking at reviews online, that is what I’m leaning toward. But, I’d also like some other alternatives.


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