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Shape young minds with me!

Hey, y'all - so, as some of you may recall, I'm a high school English teacher. I had the very distinct pleasure this year of having a really wonderful student come to me and request a personalized summer reading list of books to help her expand her mind, because, and I'm paraphrasing here, I'm clearly so worldy and well-read and understand things. *blush*

So, I've obviously got a stack of things I'm recommending on my own, but I want to run this past a group of like-minded folks, because I think she's a budding Jezebel: she had her head clearly screwed on right when it comes to noticing injustice and imbalance in the world, and she's already very literate and linguistically nimble...


So what books did you read at the age of 16 or so that changed you, or what books do you WISH you had?

And, student of mine, if you're already a Jezebel and are reading this and recognize the situation: what are you doing on the internet? You have an exam tomorrow!! *teacher face*


ETA: as I said in a reply, I should have mentioned that I think it'd be especially good if she found some less serious sources of entertainment. She works herself really *really* hard during the school year, and I'm hesitant to suggest books that would make her summer more of a chore.

This young woman needs something to help her *relax.* I am planning on throwing a few YA books into the mix for her, because she has a habit of taking life very seriously, so any recommendations you have in that spirit would be awesome. If anything, I think she'll find the serious books on her own; playful, enlightened and whimsical are all adjectives that would be ideal for books on this list.

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