So today I feel pretty excited and happy about things going on and things to come! I'm gong to blab all about mine, but share something big or small with us!!

So yesterday I had the procedure for my nerve disorder in my face. It went really well and was pain free (it has only been painful 1 time out of 6)! My husband was able to take me versus my mom, which was nice- I love them both, but I like having Mr. Bright Eyes there more. Today there is some pain creeping in and the left side of my face is a little swollen, though both are to be expected. I'm excited though and feel really good about it! Even if I don't get to stop taking all of my pain medicine- the pain should be greatly diminished!


Next, I am enjoying the reading for the Jezzie book club and joining Good Reads allowed me to find a book club devoted to the small, focused time in history that I am really interested in/did the most work with in college! I can't find my stupid Nook charger though...

Also, I'm loving Duolingo! It's fun and whereas I'd normally get bored with doing something, being able to get back into understanding some Spanish so quickly feels great. Competing for a spot on Nycyist's weekly leader board is pretty good incentive, too! I'm rainbowbrighteye- so add me and I'll add you back!

Finally, I found a dance studio that offers an adult ballet class that is at a time where adults could actually attend (not when they're sitting in traffic, fixing dinner, or in the middle of the day). I haven't taken ballet since I was 12 (though I did take like 7 years, but 7 years of being small), so I'm super psyched. I'm going shopping this weekend to get some new "ballet things." And, as this is an activity that actually involves me leaving the house, my mom is paying for it!

Okay, that's my excitement going on today, what's exciting with you all? Something big or something small... let's hear it!


ETA: I can't stop watching that dog dance. I find it hypnotic.