So on Saturday I ran into my old roommate's girlfriend, who happened to have some news about the state of things for the Abusive Asshole.

Turns out he lost the house we had rented most of the time we were together, got evicted. He also lost his brand-new Scion FRS and/or traded it in for a shitty old truck. Now he's living with his baby mama and the child in an apartment in one of the shittiest parts of town.

I sorta choked on a gleeful laugh when she told me this. hahahaha oh karma you are a bitch.

ETA: In May, she posted a bitter Craigslist personals ad about him warning other girls to stay away from him and mentioned that he'd only contacted her once, by accident when he was drunk. It's quite obvious to me that the only reason he's with her is because he had nowhere else to go. It's pretty sad for her that she's stuck with him, though.

ETA 2: changed the GIF at multiple requests lol