Since we bought our house, I’ve been back on Pinterest. And, ok, I know it’s filled with crazy ideas like “152 Crafts You Can Make Using Toilet Paper Rolls,” braids that take 3 hours to complete, and a million faux deep quotes on pretty picture backgrounds BUT there’s also some great stuff there, too. So that got me thinking, what are the best ideas you’ve found on Pinterest?

Feel free to share the best, cutest, funnest, most genius links below. If you have a hard time choosing favorites, you might share your most repinned pin.

Reminder that you might want to link directly to the site you like and not through your own Pinterest, for doxxy reasons.

These brownies are something I found on Pinterest—I make them about every 6 weeks or so, probably more often in the winter. They are the best and a great way to start making from scratch brownies if, like me, you thought you could only achieve brownies through box mixes.

A pin that I haven’t actually done yet (that’s pretty much almost ALL my pins) but which I’m obsessed with is this cross stitch chart of vintage Pyrex patterns; I think it’s supercute and plan on making it for my kitchen.


Of course, I have many, many more awesome pins but it’s kinda embarrassing how many are food-related so I’ll stop here. :)

Your turn!