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Last night, I was abruptly awoken by Man of Soup violently shaking me and screaming "SOUP, THERE"S A HUGE CRAB IN THE BED, GET UP!!!" Groggily, I actually entertain this idea so I get up and turn on the light and watch a sleepwalking man strip the bed and throw everything on the floor before laying back down on the bare mattress and saying "I guess it escaped."

This morning the only thing he remembered was his dream, in which a big crab was crawling across my pillow towards my face. So he was trying to save me I guess.


This was unusual in that he doesn't have such vivid and weird dreams, usually I am the one waking up because of bizarre nightmares.

I recently dreamed that someone was trying to force me into a white room. The room was empty except for a bed and a brown shirt and I was CERTAIN that the shirt wanted to kill me. I was hanging on the sides of the door while people were trying to shove me into the room with it. I woke up screaming and had to explain that I was so scared because I dreamed about a malevolent piece of clothing. I have dreams about zombies where I'm like, "Oh yeah, I'll just walk away from those, big deal", but a short dream about an evil shirt woke me in a cold sweat.

So, Hivemind what kind of weird nightmares have you had?

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