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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I have officially started my new job. It’s going great so far.

A friend of mine who still works at my old company sent me a screenshot of an e-mail from HR. It’s about a new policy they implemented regarding expenses. From here on out, they are going to pay for your transportation costs up to $30 per month. Everyone in the company can get this! It’s so great!

Except …they used to cover 100% of transit costs if you used public transportation. Now it’s $30. But the way they wrote the email made it seem like it was an amazing new perk. No mention of the old policy or that one even existed.


So the people currently relying on the old policy just took a pay cut. Most monthly transit passes are $100-$150 depending on which train you take, so it’s not an insignificant cut.

This reminded me so much of the social manipulation of Republicans. And it makes sense, cause Republicans are corporatists. But man they are so good at selling you worse things.

I asked my friend how people were taking the news and she said they were happy. Of course, most of them weren’t aware of the older better policy. Lots of turnover at my old company. Can you guess why.

This pattern of removing benefits has repeated for every place I’ve worked at. And it’s not like salaries are going up. I try to make moves that I think advance my career or get me somewhere better. But it feels like I’m just stepping on one wobbly platform after another. Does anyone else feel that way?


Things are by far better than during the recession when I couldn’t get a job at all. I feel bad complaining but also, why is this happening. The wealthy are doing fine. Better than fine! Why do they need to keep pushing?

When I started the old job they had much better health insurance, 401k matching, the transit covered, gym membership covered, and they even had catered lunches. By the time I left – all of it was gone. Oh and for some reason they also minimized the amount of holidays the company took off. Like for instance we used to get MLK day, and not anymore.


But the thing that gets me the most is …we’re not in a recession (technically)! The companies I worked for are doing just fine and turning a profit. Yet they still do this. I’m sure Trump’s tax credits helped them immensely, and yet…they are still taking away from employees.

My industry can’t be alone in this bullshit. Tell me your stories if you have them. 

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