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One of my boyfriend's roommate called him earlier today to tell him that the house they've been living in was going to be out (?) of escrow in ten days so they had to be out by the middle of next week. My boyfriend's response was "When did they sell the house?"

Unfortunately, he doesn't transfer until the September so now he has to put a bunch of his shit in storage and find a place. This whole thing has been super shady.


My bf has three roommates, one is a woman with two kids. She's super nice and she's home a lot more than ManWriter and the other roommates are so she notices everything. One day, while she was cleaning, a Realtor came by to inspect the house. When inquiring the Realtor about what he was doing, she said that their landlord (and owner who sort of lives there) was going to be selling it. The thing is, the Realtor came by during the day when ManWriter and the other roommate are at work so if she hadn't been there, they wouldn't have known.

AND they still wouldn't have gotten all the information if I hadn't urged my bf to call their landlord and ask what the hell was up. Maybe I'm wrong but shouldn't that be something you tell your tenants? This, along with a ton of extra things the landlord wasn't doing, made my back go up.
ManWriter wasn't initially worried because, a) we both concluded it would take a while to sell the house because it needed a lot of cleaning and some work and houses usually don't sell that quickly and b) the town he works in is really small so moving is not going to effect anything. But then his boss said that he was going to be transferring to another (desert, but better) town in September and ManWriter was worried that the house would sell before then.


"Oh, no" I said. "These things take time. Besides, I wouldn't think that the market for houses in the high desert is very high."

WRONG. I got a frantic call from him earlier today. He was pissed because he has to move out next week. He doesn't necessarily have a ton of things but I don't know anyone that likes packing and moving. Especially on short notice. Particularly in the high desert heat.
On the upside, it's happening during his three week break, but we had plans during all this.

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