AHHH VAW-WENTINES! I think it should be re-named "Kinder Egg day", since even though, deep down, you know you shouldn't have any expectations, you can't help but hope that this time will be different.

This time the chocolate will not taste like cardboard and the toy inside will not be utterly shit!

This year (if you even have a partner) your partner will have some kind of surprise for you at Valentines! A card! FUCKING ANYTHING! They will refrain from using the sentence "You want me to do something romantic just because of the date? wouldn't you prefer I did something just naturally because I wanted to rather than something forced?".


Wow. So romance. Such happy. wow.

So let's have it then hivemind. Was your valentines a pleasant surprise? Was it an inevitable disappointment? Did you get any SECRET ADMIRER CARDS??


So far, the google interactive game has been the most romantic part of my day (it's only 1113 but still). When Mr Kay Kay left the house this morning, there was no "happy valentines" until I prompted it. But it's kind of romantic when someone is clearly just humouring you, right? No.

There was no "thank you for my card" (which he had opened last night when he got home), there was no passing mention of the lottery ticket inside (I know, it's a shit present but I don't have much money and it was only meant to be a token gift).


After he has left, I tip toe into the kitchen, hoping that he might at least have written something lovely on the fridge (we write on the fridge with washable pens), which he sometimes does. I was hopeful, as I had written some heart felt things in his card.

On the fridge...there is my name with a heart around it. Now that's really sweet, but it's literally all there is. Just my name. No "thank you", just.....my name.


Check my e-mail, check my facebook, have a quick sniff around the house...nothing.

Tonight he will come home from work at around 1930, spend the evening complaining about how tired he is (since he was out until late last night with friends) and will go to bed early.


And that, my friends, is my valentines day.

I probably wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't put a shit load of effort into our anniversary this week. Which I did, twice. I did that because I wanted to. But I'll be damned if I'm going to be the one putting all the effort in today as well.